Floor Preparation and Leveling a Floor

Remember the main idea about leveling a floor:

Floor Preparation

Carpet removing

Everybody who plans to install hardwood flooring in their homes or apartments should know that:

Your hardwood will look so good, how well made your subfloor.

It means that you should make as even of a floor as possible, even though it will cost you extra money. But why? You have been living in your home or apartment for a long time and have never had a problem with floor leveling under your carpet!

And finally, why should you pay for something that you’ll never see?

The fact is that the carpet hides large and small  defects in the subfloor. The higher the pile of the carpet, the less visible problems the problems are. If you remove carpet, underlayment and check the subfloor with a straight edge, you’ll see many low spots and bumps are on it. Sometimes we come across the projects in which the room is tilted up or down by inch and more. Remember, having a hardwood floor will make these flaws stand out more.

Let’s see all pros and cons, if you have agreed to the hardwood floor installation without leveling a floor. (It does not matter by what method will set your floor, whether it be glued, nailed or installed as a floating floor.)

Small Cracks on the Concrete SubfloorPros: You can save up to $ 2 per sq.ft


  • Every day (and several times a day!) You and all your family members will feel each spot and bump under your feet. It is true and there is no exception!
  • Your relatives and friends will notice your floor’s irregularities. Not everybody likes to accept it.
  • It is difficult to say how long you can keep your hardwood in the same conditions after its installation.

Be prepared for the fact that in places where there are bumps your floor will “rub” faster, which means that you’ll see bright spots and it will look not so good. In addition, you should understand that in areas where there are low spots, your new hardwood will not have the support. Thus it cannot be nailed or glued and will always be “breathe” under your feet. After all, sooner or later the edge of boards that are installed in low spot places just come off and you will need to repair the floor and invest additional money.


Using Primer

If you want your hardwood to serve you at least 25 years, never skimp on the cost of a good floor leveling! It will be one of the wisest choices of your investment!

During the nine years of working with clients and making a lot of projects, only two of them had a completely flat subfloor, which didn’t require additional investment.

Watch what Radeco Hardwood Flooring Vancouver professionals can do for your floor preparation, removing and dumping the old floor covering – carpet, tile, vinyl and so on:


Leveling a FloorIf your concrete subfloor has small or big cracks, we’ll repair it for you. Our workers always put primer and fill in low spots with a high quality floor leveling compound. A good chosen primer helps make a new concrete subfloor with your current cement floor much stronger.

If your concrete or wooden subfloor has big bumps and humps, we will grind them.

We will save your freshly painted walls and cover them with long pieces of paper to avoid damage.
Your new subfloor will look like a mirror!

For more information on how we do wood and concrete subfloor leveling and preparation you can watch our welcome video on the home page or visit our Gallery.

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